Time for
the soft grass
between the toes

Creative Joy. Lifestyle Appreciation
MySpring Apartments in Lana/Foiana, South Tyrol.

MySpring nestles against the porphyry rock like a nest and offers sweeping views across the valley. Many travelers have already felt at home here. In the 1970s, the Winkler family opened their "Frühlingsheim" in Lana/Foiana, South Tyrol, to guests from all over the world. The next generation is now bringing a breath of fresh air: "Frühlingsheim" has become "MySpring" Panoramic Suites, 12 small guest rooms have been transformed into 4 chic designer apartments with bathrooms, kitchens, lots of glass, light and unique views.

For those appreciating
innovative design.

Your hosts Sylvia & Christian Winkler, are passionate about design. There’s nothing run-of-the-mill about these four apartments near Meran: from the well-conceived floor plan, to each hand-picked item of furniture – it’s a design-aficionado’s dream! Positioned on the porphyry rock, the contemporary feel of each open-plan MySpring apartment is enhanced by the abundant use of glass.

As far as
the eye can see

The ethereal atmosphere at MySpring is largely thanks to its panoramic location: the apartments look out onto the mountains of the Tschöggelberg, Langkofel, Schwarzhorn and Weißhorn. Below, there’s the Etschtal Valley. And sunrise is … simply spectacular!

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